The Queen's Academy aims to engage and empower teen girls with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Queen’s Academy

The Queen’s Academy is a transformative 12 week program brought to you by the Queens Foundation. Designed exclusively for young girls and gender-expansive youth. This program is a nurturing space where potential turns into empowerment. Through mentoring and scholarship opportunities, we are committed to cultivating the next generation of confident, compassionate leaders. Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of essential life skills and knowledge, from financially and college applications to self defense workshops and public speaking. We believe in fostering holistic growth which is why our sessions cover everything from personal assessments to activism and community involvement. At the Queens Academy we’re not just shaping futures we’re building a powerful community of young ladies ready to thrive uplift and leave with purpose join us on this inspiring journey of growth and development


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